CAREER OPPOTUNITIES - Staff Recruitement

Vision School Group (Vision Primary, Vision Secondary & Vision International) would like to invite you to join us for this Life Changing and Changing Lives Ministry. We are recruiting for the following posts :-

a. Chief Warden
  - Active and healthy
  - Can write and converse in English language
  - Driving licence
  - Passion for young people

b. Physics & Additional Mathematics Teacher

c. Economics and Business Studies Teacher
  - Well verse in English

d. Science Teacher
  - Well verse in English

If you are interested and passionate about teaching and learning, please email your application and resume to

For further information kindly contact the school office:-
Vision Primary    : 089-756811 Mdm Wong
Vision Secondary   : 089-759277 Mdm Chew
Vision International  : 089-769722 Miss Jenny

Staff Development

  We believe teachers must know their subject matter well, understand how students learn, and practise effective teaching methods. This will translate into greater student achievement. That is why Vision School makes teachers' preparation and continous development one of its hallmarks.

  Vision School's professional development has from its inception engaged quality trainers to introduce our teachers to cutting edge pedagogies. Consultants from overseas have also been a regular feature of our training.

  Learning communities for our teachers have also been established as part of the dynamic teachers' professional development. In these communities, teachers get to contextualise different approaches to classroom management and teaching strategies.

  We are confident that the teachers' training and professional development in place will continuously enhance our teachers' competency and teaching quality in Vision School. It will certainly bring about great benefits to our students.