"A dynamic learning community that nurtures responsible citizens with global outlook and Godly character."

  Situated in the new township of Bandar Sri Indah, Jalan Apas, Tawau Vision School provides a comprehensive and enriching experience in education for every student. Being only 10 miles east of Tawau town centre, our well-developed school campus is both peaceful and conducive, providing an interesting learning experience for every student who joins our school.

  Vision School is a church-owned private school using the Malaysian National Curriculum. We provide quality education from Primary 1 to Form 5; preparing our students for UPSR, PT3, and SPM examinations.

  Our mission - Character Above Academics - dictates that our students place their character development above their academic results. We believe that if a person has good and godly character, he/she will excel in life.On top of that, we also provide value-added classes in that we prepare our students to be global players. We help prepare our students for international assessments to gauge them against their peers in other countries.

  Vision School has a good track record of academic achievements with an emphasis on developing moral character and social responsibility among our students. We are a young and dynamic school that imparts knowledge and values through "Student-Centered Learning" in a wide range of subjects, facilities and activities.

  The background of the Mission Schools can be traced back to the pre-war days when missionaries from England and Australia landed in the malaria-infested jungles of British North Borneo to spread the Good News of hope, love, and life to the people who were already living here. These missionaries left the comfort of their own homes, family members and all they had for a cause to educate and to help people around the world improve their lives. Many schools have been set up by missionaries over the centuries and some have now grown to be prestigious institutes of education.

  St. Patrick’s Church was responsible in the setting up of St. Patrick’s School in 1917 almost a century ago; whereby the school has produced a host of quality students, who have become leaders of the State and even the Country in various departments and industries.

  Today, in the Anglican Diocese of Sabah, we have received the mandate to continue to improve the society through quality education. The window of opportunity has opened for the modern day church to set up private schools around Sabah using local resources and local manpower; the first fruits of which will be from St. Patrick’s Anglican Church, Tawau.

And in 2007 (exactly 90 years on) the idea of Vision School was born.

Hap Seng Properties Development Sdn Bhd (HSPD), is the developer of Bandar Sri Indah, a new township consisting of 1,368 acres along Jalan Apas, 16km from Tawau.They have offered a 25-acre plot of land within the vicinity of Bandar Sri Indah. St. Patrick’s Anglican Church was called to provide its expertise and manpower to run and setup the school.

  The Anglican Church in Sabah has now seen a need for a privately owned, non-profit education institution where quality education is provided to all who come through our doors. With this, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between both parties on the 10th of August 2007 by Mr. John Tan, Managing Director of HSPD and the late Right Reverend Albert Vun Cheong Fui, Bishop of Sabah.

  By September 2008, Mdm. Chew Lee Ping and Ms. Amy Chin Pit Mee were appointed as the first Principal of Vision Secondary School and Headteacher of Vision Primary School respectively. They were responsible for the recruitment of a pioneering staff team to start the schools as soon as possible. Mdm. Chew Lee Ping was formerly an Assistant Principal in St. Patrick’s Secondary School and Ms. Amy Chin was the Principal of St. Patrick’s Anglican Academy.

  While the construction was still ongoing, the approval from the Ministry of Education was sought. For so many years, the Anglican Church has not been involved in setting up a school and thus, we were entering into uncharted territory. But through the leadership and experience of Datuk Mary Yap Kian Ching, we strived on to obtain the approval to set up the Vision School from the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya.

  The approval from both Federal and State levels were obtained by 1st April 2009 after numerous inspections by the Education Officers from both Federal and State levels.

Vision Primary and Secondary Schools have been operational since 15th June 2009.
Praise be to God!