Vision Dormitory

  Indeed, 2018 has been an important year for the life of the hostel students. It marked another milestone for our school and in particular the dormitory life. Having our own dormitory building within the compound of Vision School was a dream came true. Nonetheless, it was part of the original plan when Vision School was started in 2010.

Dormitory is a walking distance to the school.

  We have eventually moved into our Vision Dormitory building on 23rd May 2018. Most of our hostel students were ecstatic about moving into the "3-star" Vision Dormitory, something which none of us truly knew what we are going into a 4-storey building that can accommodate up to a 150 students. Though we have obtained the OC for the building, much is needed to work out on the soft-ware and the daily operations of the dormitory.

Twin sharing bedroom
Triple sharing bedroom

  With the help of Vision School,in particular the principal Mdm. Chew, Mr. KC, board members, teachers and friends, we managed to settle in to the building quite effectively. Although much has been done to date, much more is needed for the running of the Dormitory.

Large study area
Laundry Room

Recreation Room
Recreation Area

Personal Development & Create Caring Community

  As boarders, they learn to manage their own time, take care of their personal needs, make independent decisions, grow in maturity and become self disciplined, independent and responsible.

  Staying in the hostels also encourages tolerance, teamwork and cooperation. Thus, they learn to care for one another, placing concern of others before their own. The hostel is also a place where networking begins and lasting friendships form.